Hiring is not tough, it just requires dedication, care and humility. People often struggle when they want to hire tech talent, and they are most open when they have already hired before. We should probably have named that selection “Hiring? Here are the books you should read.”, but you’ll be the one to benefit most from it, dear first-time tech hiring manager!

Who — The A Method for Hiring


Why? Because it is a gold mine for interview questions and interview questions

How? Buy the book or watch this keynote

Smart and gets things done


Why? Because Joel Spolsky has a holistic and modern approach to hiring and his learnings go well beyond engineers

How? The whole content is actually online, go for it

The Sales Acceleration Formula


Why? Because it focuses on sales hiring. Just like Smart & Gets Things Done, the learnings go way beyond that and can be relevant for any position.

How? Buy the book or read this summary

Work Rules!


Why? Because Google’s key learnings can work for any company, and because Laszlo’s analytical insights are eye-opening

How? Buy the book for god’s sake!

Thinking, Fast & Slow


Why? Because of its transactional nature, hiring is ridden with biases. Learn how to activate your “System 2” thinking and get rid of prejudice and bias.

How? This summary is pretty good, you could also read the excellent book The Undoing Project that digs into Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky’s relationship

Also nominated: Moneyball on why the best team is not an aggregate of the best individuals, Team of Teams on how to avoid walls within your company, and of course our Open Source Guide to tech hiring to have a collection of top startups best practices.